Unlocking the Power of Advanced Healthcare Directives in Estate Planning

  • Post last modified:October 19, 2023

Raj Aujla, a highly specialized estate planning attorney at Aujla Legal based in Pasadena, California. His career journey alone is fascinating, having pivoted from pursuing a master’s degree in cell and molecular biology to studying law and finding a unique intersection between the two fields. Now with nearly 13 years of legal experience, his strong focus is on facilitating the daunting yet vital process of estate planning. His detail-oriented approach has helped countless families protect their wishes, their children, and their legacy. His expertise in advanced healthcare directives in particular will be central to the discussion for this episode.

Listen to this informative Legacy Leaders episode with Raj Aujla about Importance of Estate Planning for the Middle Class, California’s Plan for Those without an Estate Plan, The Difference Between a Will and a Trust, The Importance of Advanced Healthcare Directives and Complete Estate Planning Package.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

●    Realize the value of effective estate planning irrespective of your income bracket

●    Witness the potential fallouts in California due to the absence of an estate plan

●    Comprehend the distinct roles of wills and trusts in the realm of estate planning

●    Understand why an advanced healthcare directive plays a pivotal role in your estate plan

●    See the advantages a Limited Liability Company (LLC) brings to your business structure

Connect with Raj Aujla:

Website: https://aujlalegal.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajaujla/

Email: raj@aujlalegal.com

With your Guest Host: Tim Garrity

Timothy S. Garrity is a CFA and President at Paragon Capital Partners, they serve a select clientele who have built significant wealth through a combination of business and professional success, as well as prudent investment decisions. They introduce their clients to opportunities and solutions that they often did not know existed. In many cases, they help them shift their paradigms to recognize that special and exclusive strategies are available to them due to their exceptional success and wealth stratum.

Connect with Tim Garrity:

Website: https://paragoncapitalpartners.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-garrity/

Email: info@paragoncapitalpartners.com

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